Towards the creation of the OSM community in Chad

La Creazione della comunità OpenStreetMap in Chad

EUROSHA Volunteers

The summer has come to Chad. As the winter is slowly leaving our good old Europe, the temperature here in the zone of Sahel is reaching unimaginable numbers. And as the heat is growing, our work pace is hitting its top too. The EUROSHA Chad Team spent the last week in N’Djaména and again it was a week full of interesting activities highlighted by the presence of our special guest – the HOT tutor Séverin Menard.

The time of our field deployment during the EUROSHA project is slowly coming to its end. This is why during these days most of our thoughts are directed towards preparations of a big restitution of our work which is planned for the 14th of March. Such an important event deserves to be arranged carefully and systematically. We had to make a list of people we want to invite, starting from the representatives of…

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